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Legal Dispute at Limerick Municipal Technical Institute Over Pension Arrears |

Legal Dispute at Limerick Municipal Technical Institute Over Pension Arrears

At the Limerick Quarter Sessions yesterday, a significant legal battle unfolded as Mr Nicholas Brophy, the former Headmaster of the esteemed Limerick School of Art, pursued action against the Limerick Municipal Technical Institute to reclaim £50 in pension arrears dating back to November 1, 1914.

According to counsel representing Mr Brophy, he had served as the Art Master under the Athenaeum Committee since 1859 until the Corporation assumed control of the school in 1896. Despite a reduction in salary from £140 to £100, Brophy continued his service until 1910 when the Committee proposed a reorganisation of the Art School, leading to his resignation with the expectation of receiving a pension.

While the Department initially sanctioned a pension of £60, complications arose when the Local Government Board Auditor questioned its legality, resulting in a surcharge against the Committee. Despite the Board remitting the surcharge, the Committee faced reluctance to repeat the process, prompting Brophy to pursue legal action.

In a nuanced interpretation of the relevant legislation, His Honour ruled in favour of Brophy, citing Section 19, Subsection 1 of the Act, and awarded the full amount claimed, resolving the contentious issue at the heart of the Limerick Municipal Technical Institute’s history.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 10 June 1915

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