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"Limerick Community Advocates for Fair Share in Munitions Manufacturing Contracts" |

“Limerick Community Advocates for Fair Share in Munitions Manufacturing Contracts”

A Public Meeting held in Limerick’s Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday highlighted the community’s concern over the allocation of munitions manufacturing contracts. The meeting, attended by various representatives of local interests, aimed to address the need for the city’s factories to play a role in producing arms and munitions for the war effort.

Key discussions at the meeting revolved around the proposition to ensure that Limerick’s factories receive a fair share of munitions production contracts from the Munster Munitions and Lloyd George’s government. Mr James O’Grady Oelmeg, D.L., put forward a motion emphasizing the importance of retaining skilled workers in the city for wartime manufacturing purposes. The motion, which was unanimously supported, called for a letter to be written to Mr Lloyd George, stressing the readiness and competence of both the skilled workforce and factory owners in Limerick to contribute to munitions production as required.

The consensus among attendees was that Limerick’s industrial infrastructure and workforce were well-equipped to undertake munitions manufacturing tasks effectively. They emphasized the readiness of both skilled workers and factory proprietors to scale up production promptly upon receiving orders. This sentiment underlined the city’s potential contribution to the war effort and the importance of ensuring that Limerick’s factories were not overlooked in the allocation of contracts.

To delve deeper into the logistical and operational aspects of integrating Limerick’s factories into the munitions’ production supply chain, a committee was formed. This committee will be tasked with examining the specifics of how Limerick’s manufacturing capabilities can be effectively harnessed to meet the demands of wartime production.

The outcome of this meeting underscores the proactive approach taken by Limerick’s community and business leaders in advocating for the city’s role in supporting the war effort. By highlighting the readiness and competence of local industry stakeholders, they aim to ensure that Limerick’s factories are fully utilized in the production of essential munitions.

As discussions progress and the committee appointed at the meeting delves into the details, stakeholders will be eagerly anticipating concrete actions that will facilitate Limerick’s involvement in munitions manufacturing. The outcome of these efforts could not only bolster the city’s economy but also significantly contribute to the broader national endeavour of supporting the war effort through increased munitions production.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 06 July 1915

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