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Limerick Corporation Bids Farewell to Resigning Law Adviser, Welcomes Successor |

Limerick Corporation Bids Farewell to Resigning Law Adviser, Welcomes Successor

Limerick Corporation expressed regret today over the resignation of their esteemed Law Adviser, Mr John Dundon, citing failing health as the primary reason for his departure. In response to this development, the corporation swiftly appointed Mr Dundon Jr. as his successor pro tempore, ensuring continuity in legal counsel provision.

Tributes for Mr Dundon’s dedicated service to the Council poured in from various quarters, led by the Mayor, Councillor Donnellan, and echoed by Mr Nolan, J.P., the Town Clerk. Mr Dundon’s contributions to the council were widely acknowledged and appreciated, marking his tenure as one of significance and professionalism.

Mayor Donnellan expressed heartfelt gratitude for Mr Dundon’s unwavering commitment and invaluable expertise, emphasising his pivotal role in navigating legal matters crucial to the Corporation’s functioning. Similarly, Town Clerk Mr Nolan lauded Mr Dundon’s dedication, highlighting his diligence and integrity in serving the community’s best interests.

As Limerick Corporation bids farewell to Mr Dundon, the council remains resolute in its commitment to upholding legal standards and serving the community with diligence. While Mr Dundon’s departure marks the end of an era, his legacy of professionalism and dedication will undoubtedly endure within the corridors of the Corporation.

With the appointment of Mr Dundon Jr. as his successor pro tempore, the Corporation ensures a seamless transition in legal counsel provision. Mr Dundon Jr., inheriting his father’s esteemed legacy, brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, poised to uphold the standards of excellence set by his predecessor.

Looking ahead, Limerick Corporation reaffirms its dedication to serving the community, guided by principles of integrity, accountability, and professionalism. As the Council moves forward with its new legal counsel, the spirit of Mr Dundon’s service will continue to inspire and guide its endeavours, ensuring that the interests of the community remain paramount in all its undertakings.

Irish Independent – Saturday 03 July 1915

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