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"Limerick County Council Voices Concerns Over Conscription: 'A Terrible Hardship' Feared" |

“Limerick County Council Voices Concerns Over Conscription: ‘A Terrible Hardship’ Feared”

In a recent gathering of the Limerick County Council, Mr Mackey expressed grave concerns over the prospect of further population depletion through conscription, labelling it “a terrible hardship” for Ireland. This statement comes amidst ongoing discussions about the potential impact of conscription on the nation’s populace, particularly in light of the significant number of individuals already sent to war, amounting to a quarter of a million.

Highlighting the existing contributions to the war effort, Mr Coleman, a Justice of the Peace, underscored that all capable men who could be spared had willingly enlisted in the Army. The sentiments voiced at the council meeting reflect the deep-seated anxieties within the community regarding the potential imposition of conscription and its repercussions on the already strained population.

As the debate surrounding conscription continues to intensify, it remains a pressing issue for Limerick and the wider Irish populace, with concerns over its socio-economic and demographic implications looming large.

Irish Independent – Friday 11 June 1915

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