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Limerick Gears Up for United Irish League Convention |

Limerick Gears Up for United Irish League Convention

Preparations are in full swing for the much-anticipated Convention of representatives from United Irish League branches in the City and County of Limerick. Scheduled to take place at the Town Hall on Saturday, July 24th, the event is expected to draw significant attention from locals and beyond.

Mr John Dillon, ALP, and Mr Joseph Devlin, MP.., are among the prominent figures slated to attend, adding to the anticipation surrounding the gathering. Spearheading the organizational efforts, Mr Stephen O’Mara, High Sheriff of Limerick City, recently presided over a meeting of the Joint Executives to ensure meticulous planning and representation at the Convention.

Discussions during the meeting centred on a range of important matters related to the Convention, with particular emphasis placed on guaranteeing comprehensive representation from across Limerick. With the aim of fostering inclusivity and robust participation, arrangements are being meticulously crafted to ensure that all voices are heard and considered.

Meanwhile, in Clonmel, preparations are also underway for the upcoming County Tipperary National Convention. Set to be hosted in the spacious confines of Thorley Collette’s large hall by the end of this month, the event is generating considerable excitement within the region.

Reports suggest that the Irish leader, along with Messrs. Dillon and Devlin, will grace the occasion with their presence, further elevating the significance of the convention. Organisers are hopeful that every district within the borders of the Premier County will be duly represented, underscoring the broad-based support and engagement expected from local communities.

As anticipation mounts and preparations intensify, both Limerick and Tipperary find themselves at the forefront of political discourse and activism. The conventions represent not only an opportunity for dialogue and exchange but also a testament to the enduring spirit of civic engagement and advocacy within the respective communities.

With the spotlight firmly fixed on these gatherings, all eyes are now set on the Town Hall in Limerick and Thorley Collette’s hall in Clonmel, where the future trajectory of Irish League branches and grassroots activism is poised to take shape. As delegates and attendees eagerly await the commencement of proceedings, the conventions hold the promise of fostering unity, dialogue, and collective action in pursuit of shared goals and aspirations.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 06 July 1915

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