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Limerick Representatives Express Discontent with Coalition |

Limerick Representatives Express Discontent with Coalition

In a fervent display of dissatisfaction, various representative bodies in Limerick have voiced their discontent with the current Coalition government. The sentiment was particularly palpable during the recent proceedings of Limerick County Council, where the chairman and prominent members did not mince words in critiquing what they perceive as weaknesses within Prime Minister Edna’s Cabinet.

During the annual sessions of Limerick No. 1 and South 2 (Clare) District Councils, similar sentiments were echoed through passed resolutions. Dr Redmond’s absence from the Cabinet and objections to the proposed appointment of Mr J. H. Campbell as Lord Chancellor of Ireland were key points of contention.

The resolutions adopted by the Councils also included expressions of support for Dr Redmond and the 164 Party’s staunch opposition to conscription, reflecting the prevalent sentiment among constituents, a majority of whom are ardent supporters of Home Rule.

Notably, the resolutions garnered unanimous support, indicating a growing apprehension among politicians regarding potential electoral repercussions.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 12 June 1915

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