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Newcastle West Council Unanimously Opposes Conscription in Limerick |

Newcastle West Council Unanimously Opposes Conscription in Limerick

At a recent assembly of the Newcastle West District Council in Limerick, chaired by Mr T. Hurley, J.P., County Councillor, a significant resolution was tabled and passed amidst unanimous support from attending members.

The resolution, proposed by Mr M. J. Geary and seconded by Mr Hassett, vehemently expresses the council’s opposition to the imposition of conscription on Ireland in any manifestation. It highlights several key concerns, notably citing the ongoing emigration drain, the dwindling population of military-eligible age, and the prevailing economic challenges facing the nation. The council contends that mandatory service would not only be unjust but also oppressive given Ireland’s circumstances.

Of particular concern to the council is the apparent targeting of Irish farmers’ and labourers’ sons for potential conscription, as indicated by current discourse. This prospect deeply troubles the council members, who view it as a direct threat to their community’s well-being and stability.

This resolution emerges against the backdrop of wider discussions surrounding the application of conscription in Ireland, prompting various institutions and individuals to voice their staunch opposition.

The “Catholic Times” of England, in an editorial piece titled “Law in Ireland,” refrains from questioning the justice of Mr Sheehy-Skeffington’s conviction but draws attention to what it perceives as disparities in legal treatment between Ireland and Great Britain. Comparisons are drawn with recent cases in Scotland, where lenient sentences were handed to individuals involved in activities related to the war effort. Such observations fuel existing sentiments of inequality and injustice among Irish communities.

Meanwhile, the “Limerick Leader,” known for its moderate stance, underscores Ireland’s steadfast resistance to any form of compulsory military service. In an article addressing “Ireland and Conscription,” the publication asserts Ireland’s determination to resist such measures and warns of dire consequences should they be imposed. It emphasises the unified front presented by the Irish nation, both at home and abroad, against any attempts to enforce conscription.

The sentiment echoed by the Newcastle West District Council reflects a broader sentiment prevalent across many Irish communities. There is a palpable fear of the potential ramifications of conscription, ranging from social upheaval to economic instability. As discussions surrounding this contentious issue continue, it remains to be seen how the voices of opposition will influence future decisions regarding conscription in Ireland.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 03 July 1915

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