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"Recruiting Meeting in Limerick Draws Crowds Near O'Connell Monument" |

“Recruiting Meeting in Limerick Draws Crowds Near O’Connell Monument”

A public meeting convened by Lord Monteagle, advertised through flyers, gathered a substantial crowd in the vicinity of the O’Connell Monument at the Crescent. Mr James Flynn took the floor, addressing the assembled audience, with particular emphasis on the military contributions of O’Leary in Munster. Flynn stressed the repercussions of inaction, suggesting that failure to confront German militarism would inevitably lead to the imposition of conscription, a fate they must resist.

Echoing Flynn’s sentiments, O’Leary, greeted with resounding cheers, expressed gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon him by the people of Limerick. However, he humbly deflected praise, attributing his actions to a sense of duty to King and country.

The event featured additional speakers including Mr Lloyd and Mr McLaughlin from Dublin, as well as Lieutenant Jameson of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, each urging attendees to join the cause and bolster the ranks. With fervour and conviction, they implored the audience to recognise the gravity of the situation facing Ireland and emphasized the need for solidarity in confronting external threats.

Following the impassioned speeches, the recruiting efforts led by the 3rd Dublin Militia were reinforced, with attendees encouraged to sign up and contribute to the defence of their nation. Sergeant O’Leary, accompanied by his mentor Mr Jeremiah O’Dea, departed for Cork and Waterford, continuing their mission to rally support for the cause.

The meeting served as a platform for galvanising public support and mobilising resources in response to the looming spectre of conflict. Against the backdrop of escalating tensions in Europe, the voices of community leaders and military figures resonated with urgency, compelling individuals to take action in defence of their homeland.

As the recruitment drive gains momentum, the streets of Limerick reverberate with a sense of purpose and determination. In the face of adversity, the call to arms transcends personal interests, uniting citizens in a shared commitment to safeguarding the future of their nation.

As O’Leary and his companions embark on their journey, their departure symbolises the collective resolve of the Irish people to confront external threats head-on. With each new recruit, the ranks swell, fortifying the defences of a nation poised on the brink of uncertainty.

Evening Irish Times – Saturday 17 July 1915

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