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Reorganisation Efforts in Limerick Metropolis: U.I.L. Branch Meeting Signals Renewed Vigilance | Limerick Gazette Archives

Reorganisation Efforts in Limerick Metropolis: U.I.L. Branch Meeting Signals Renewed Vigilance

In a gathering convened last Thursday at Dromcollogher, the residents of Limerick Metro expressed their commitment to revitalising the local branch of the United Irish League (U.I.L.). Led by Mr John P. O’Connor, Organiser, and chaired by Mr Maurice R.D.C., the assembly demonstrated a resolute stance towards upholding the principles of the Irish Party, notably in light of recent national developments.

Addressing the attendees, the chairman underscored the community’s unwavering loyalty to Mr Redmond and the Irish Party, affirming their steadfastness in allegiance. Mr O’Connor, warmly welcomed by the audience, echoed this sentiment, expressing confidence in the establishment of a robust U.I.L. branch following the meeting.

Highlighting the prevailing national discourse, particularly surrounding the issue of conscription, Mr O’Connor referenced prominent publications such as the “London Times,” “Daily Mail,” and “Daily Independent.” He reiterated the Irish Party’s steadfast opposition to any attempts at enforcement, rallying support for a united front against such measures. Drawing from his previous declarations on various platforms across County Limerick, Mr O’Connor emphasised the community’s determination to resist conscription, should it be imposed.

With a call to action, Mr O’Connor urged attendees to embrace the ethos of organisation, advocating for preparedness in the face of potential challenges. He urged trust in the leadership of the Irish Party, citing their longstanding commitment to the nationalist cause over the past four decades.

The meeting also saw active participation from community members, with several individuals pledging their support through both names and subscriptions. In a bid to formalise their efforts, officers and a committee were appointed, marking a crucial step towards the revitalisation of the local U.I.L. branch. Additionally, plans were set in motion to affiliate the branch with broader organisational structures, further strengthening its influence and reach within the community.

The gathering in Dromcollogher serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of solidarity and vigilance within the Limerick Metro area. As communities across the nation navigate uncertain times, the commitment displayed by attendees underscores the significance of grassroots mobilisation in safeguarding shared values and principles.

As the reorganised U.I.L. branch in Limerick Metro sets its sights on the future, its members stand poised to uphold the legacy of the Irish Party and defend the interests of their community with unwavering resolve.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 06 July 1915