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Thomond Feis Celebrates Irish Culture in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

Thomond Feis Celebrates Irish Culture in Limerick

The Thomond Feis, a celebration of Irish culture and heritage, recently took place in the vibrant city of Limerick, drawing a large gathering of enthusiasts over three days from Friday to Sunday. This annual event, which aims to foster the Irish spirit and promote national pride, attracted participants and spectators alike from various parts of the county and neighbouring areas.

The festivities kicked off with two days dedicated to competitions showcasing the talents of children in areas such as Irish history, language proficiency, and traditional conversation. The atmosphere was alive with the sounds of recitations, sketches, and soul-stirring solo performances, all delivered in the native Irish tongue. Attendees found themselves transported to bygone days when Irish was the language of both peasant and noble, evoking a deep sense of cultural connection and nostalgia.

On the third day, the Feis moved outdoors to a nearby field where school groups competed in singing, dancing – including traditional Irish steps – and violin playing. The scene was enriched by the presence of musicians dressed in kilts and traditional Irish attire, skilfully playing the bagpipes. While the violin’s melodies offered a touch of classical elegance, the hauntingly sweet and wild music of the bagpipes resonated deeply with the spirit of the Irish people, serving as a reminder of their bravery and resilience throughout history.

The Thomond Feis not only provided a platform for showcasing talent but also served as a testament to the enduring significance of Irish culture and its ability to unite communities across generations.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 19 June 1915