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Grand Garden Party Hosted at Adare Manor, a Resplendent Success Despite Weather Concerns |

Grand Garden Party Hosted at Adare Manor, a Resplendent Success Despite Weather Concerns

In a remarkable display of community and grandeur, Adare Manor, under the auspices of the esteemed hosts, Lord and Lady Wimborne, was the scene of an exquisite garden party that brought together distinguished guests from across Limerick City and County. The event, marked by an air of anticipation amidst the threat of rain, saw the skies clear, much to the delight of attendees, ensuring the day’s activities proceeded without hindrance.

The garden party, a testament to the Wimborne’s exceptional hospitality, saw invitations extended to a wide array of guests, including prominent local residents and public figures, highlighting the inclusive spirit of the gathering. The meticulously maintained grounds of Adare Manor provided a perfect backdrop for the day’s festivities, underscoring the estate’s reputation as a beacon of beauty and elegance in the heart of Limerick.

Musical accompaniment was provided by the esteemed band of the Langer Regiment, bolstered by virtuosos from the Royal Army, adding a layer of ceremonial grandeur to the occasion. This musical feast, alongside the Manor’s natural charm, contributed to an atmosphere of leisure and enjoyment, with guests universally commending the quality of the entertainment and the warmth of their reception.

Among the notable attendees were Lord Blackwood, George Military Lloyd, A.D.C., and Captain Graeme Moray, signifying the event’s significance on both a social and military level. The guest list further included luminaries such as the Chief Justice and Lady Joan Poynder, alongside a host of other dignitaries, each contributing to the day’s success through their presence and engagement.

The garden party at Adare Manor not only served as a splendid occasion for social gathering but also reaffirmed Limerick’s rich tradition of hospitality and community spirit. It stood as a reminder of the enduring ties that bind the local and wider communities, encapsulated within the enchanting environs of one of Ireland’s most storied estates.

Evening Irish Times – Friday 20 August 1915

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