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Limerick Launches District Recruiting Committee to Support Army Expansion |

Limerick Launches District Recruiting Committee to Support Army Expansion

In a significant move to bolster the ranks of the new Army, Limerick has initiated the formation of a permanent district recruiting committee. The foundational meeting took place on Tuesday evening at Cruise’s Royal Hotel, under the chairmanship of Sir Alexander W. Shaw. The event saw a notable turnout, indicating strong community support for the endeavour.

The committee’s establishment aims to streamline the recruitment process and ensure a steady flow of volunteers to meet the Army’s growing needs. In a spirited display of civic duty, Mr P. E. Bourke, J.P., proposed the appointment of Mr F. A. Johnston as the honourary secretary to the Limerick Recruiting Committee. This motion was met with unanimous approval, signifying the collective commitment to the cause.

Further consolidating the committee’s leadership, Mr Archibald Murray’s proposal led to Sir Alexander W. Shaw being elected as president of the General Committee. Additionally, Mr P. E. Bourke has taken the helm of the Executive Committee, promising efficient management and a proactive approach to recruitment.

This initiative marks a pivotal moment for Limerick, showcasing the region’s dedication to national security and the well-being of the nation. By fostering a structured and supportive environment for recruitment, Limerick aims to contribute significantly to the Army’s expansion, reflecting the community’s patriotic spirit and resolve to support the country’s defence efforts.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 13 August 1915

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