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Limerick Leads Vocal Opposition Against Unjust Treatment of Irish Citizens |

Limerick Leads Vocal Opposition Against Unjust Treatment of Irish Citizens

In a significant gathering at the City Hall, led by the Lord Mayor and supported by a coalition representing a broad spectrum of opinions in Dublin, a resolute protest was made against the unfair treatment of Irish citizens. The assembly, which included notable figures such as Alfred Byrne, James Higgins, and Patrick T. Power, among others, voiced a united stand demanding immediate attention to the grievances of their fellow countrymen who have suffered under what they describe as unjust conditions.

The council, in a statement, emphatically protested against the administration of the law concerning public utterances and writings in both Ireland and England, highlighting a clear disparity in treatment when compared to figures such as Lord Northcliffe and the English Press, who currently enjoy privileges denied to the Irish. This call for equal rights and treatment underlines a deep-seated frustration with the current state of affairs, urging for a reevaluation of policies that disproportionately affect Irish citizens.

Moreover, the Limerick Corporation, led by figures including M. O’Connell and Richard O’Connell, has sent a powerful message to their Parliamentary representatives. They demand a cessation of what they view as unwarranted despotic powers and the differentiation in treatment between Ireland and England. This stance, unanimously supported by the council, not only challenges the existing status quo but also seeks to preserve the civil rights of the people.

This event marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for fair treatment and equality for Irish citizens, with Limerick positioning itself at the forefront of this crucial fight. The resolution, poised to be adopted at the earliest opportunity, underscores the urgency and importance of this issue to the entire nation. The council’s actions reflect a broader call for justice and equality, resonating far beyond the walls of the City Hall.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Friday 20 August 1915

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