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Limerick's J. O'Grady Nearly Sets New World Records in Weight Throwing |

Limerick’s J. O’Grady Nearly Sets New World Records in Weight Throwing

In an impressive display of strength and skill, J. O’Grady of Caherconlish, County Limerick, came tantalisingly close to breaking world records in weight throwing at a recent athletic meeting. Despite the challenges posed by wet weather and spongy ground conditions, O’Grady showcased his extraordinary capabilities in the 28lb and 56lb weight throwing events, missing the world records by mere inches.

The event, held in adverse weather conditions, saw the ground become a significant obstacle for competitors. Yet, O’Grady, with a remarkable physical presence, managed to dominate the weight-throwing championship, leaving spectators in awe of his nearly record-breaking throws. His performance was so impactful that it led to playful remarks about his combined weight and strength pressing down on the already softened turf.

Securing the championship title, O’Grady was followed by J.J. Breenihaa and J.J. Foley, who secured the second and third places respectively. The competition across different levels was intensely close and engaging, highlighting the high calibre of athletes participating.

Anticipation is now building for the Munster Championships set to take place in Dungarvan on September 5th, where O’Grady is expected to once again challenge the records, weather permitting. His previous attempts and the support from notable figures in the sporting community, including M. Davin and Kiely, underscore the high expectations placed on him.

Reflecting on historical achievements, O’Grady’s feats are reminiscent of his uncle, Mr H. O’Grady, who set remarkable records in the late 19th century. As preparations for his next appearance continue, there is a strong belief that with more favourable conditions, O’Grady could indeed make history by setting new world records. The community and sports enthusiasts alike eagerly await his next performance, hopeful for a breakthrough that cements Limerick’s legacy in the world of athletics.

Sport (Dublin) – Saturday 14 August 1915

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