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Limerick's Young Ireland Branch Voices Strong Opposition to "Independent" Campaign | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick’s Young Ireland Branch Voices Strong Opposition to “Independent” Campaign

In a significant meeting held by the Young Ireland Branch in Limerick, chaired by Mr P. O’Flynn with a notably large attendance, the community expressed profound sorrow over the passing of Mr William Abraham, a revered figure amongst the Irish Nationalist movement. Mr J. P. led a resolution that captured the assembly’s deep regret, highlighting the affection and respect that the Irish people held for Abraham, a sterling Protestant Nationalist whose contributions and resilience in the face of opposition were deeply commemorated.

The meeting took a moment to honour another influential figure, the late Canon Murphy, with a resolution of condolence moved on behalf of Mr J. O’Dwyer and Mr J. Preston. Canon Murphy was remembered for his outstanding contributions and his identity as a great Irishman, further solidifying the meeting’s atmosphere of remembrance and tribute to those who have significantly impacted the Irish Nationalist cause.

A pivotal moment of the gathering came with the proposal against the “Independent” newspapers, accused of conducting a malign campaign against the National movement. The chairman’s resolution, vigorously supported by the attendees, called for the Irish Party followers and National movement supporters to withdraw their support from these publications. The “Independent” was criticized for undermining the National organisation by attempting to dismantle the Convention system, a foundation upon which the League and the Irish Nationalist Party have built their strength.

According to speakers at the meeting, the “Independent” has consistently allocated its platform to critics with grievances against the Irish Party, undermining the party’s efforts and achievements. Notably, the newspaper was accused of biased reporting, particularly evident in its coverage of the “Monster Leaves” wherein it failed to adequately represent the Archbishop of Cashel’s praises for the Irish Party’s work, choosing instead to give substantial space to detractors.

Mr E. Wallace’s support of the resolution underscored the sentiment that the “Independent” represents a significant threat to the Nationalist movement. Despite posing as a Nationalist journal, it seizes every opportunity to discredit the movement’s leaders and undermine its progress.

The meeting in Limerick, reported via special wire to the Freeman’s Journal Office, stands as a testament to the unity and resolve of the Irish Nationalist community in the face of external challenges. It underscores the deep-rooted loyalty and commitment to the cause, celebrating its heroes while staunchly defending the movement against perceived threats and injustices.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 07 August 1915