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Budget Announcement Rattles Limerick Residents |

Budget Announcement Rattles Limerick Residents

The eagerly awaited budget proposals have stirred a mixture of anticipation and concern among residents of Limerick, with particular focus on the impact of increased taxation. The announcement, which includes new levies on tea, tobacco, and sugar, is expected to weigh heavily on the working-class populace, raising fears of financial strain.

The revelation of a higher income tax rate than initially anticipated has added to the apprehension felt by many. While some had braced themselves for tax hikes, the extent of the increase has caught several off guard.

However, amidst the unease, there is a sense of relief among licensed vintners as spirits and beer have been spared from further taxation. This exemption has been met with approval within the industry, alleviating concerns of a potential downturn in sales.

Overall, there appears to be a cautious acceptance of the budget proposals, with many acknowledging the necessity of addressing the nation’s substantial war expenditure. Despite the challenges posed by the new measures, there is a prevailing sentiment that they are reasonable given the prevailing circumstances.

As Limerick residents grapple with the implications of the budget, discussions are underway regarding strategies to adapt to the changes and mitigate any adverse effects on household finances.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 23 September 1915

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