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Historic Limerick Bell Finds a Home at Carnegie Museum |

Historic Limerick Bell Finds a Home at Carnegie Museum

An ancient bell, steeped in the history of Limerick, has discovered a new residence at the Carnegie Museum, Limerick. Weighing approximately a quarter ton, the bell boasts an inscription that reads: “GEO. ROCHE: PRAETOR: FUDIT: TOBIAS COVEY—1703” marking its significant antiquity and association with the city’s past.

The bell, which remained unheralded for a prolonged period, has now been bestowed upon the museum, courtesy of the endeavours of Alderman Prendergast. George Roche Jr., who served as Mayor in 1702, and Tobias Covey, the presumed founder, are commemorated on the bell, igniting curiosity about its origins and purpose. While it remains unclear whether the bell served as a town bell, its presence in the annals of old Limerick makes it a notable addition to the local collection.

The acquisition of this relic not only enriches the museum’s exhibits but also offers a tangible link to the bygone days of Limerick’s history. Its inscription serves as a testament to the craftsmanship and community ties of centuries past, providing a glimpse into the cultural and social fabric of the region.

The Carnegie Museum, known for its dedication to preserving and showcasing Limerick’s heritage, welcomes this significant artefact with open arms, affirming its commitment to safeguarding the city’s rich legacy for generations to come. Visitors are invited to explore the bell’s story and ponder its role in the narrative of Limerick’s past, underscoring the enduring importance of historical preservation in contemporary society.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 03 September 1915

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