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Lament in Limerick: Tragic Demise of Seaman Michael Ryan Following Internment in Germany |

Lament in Limerick: Tragic Demise of Seaman Michael Ryan Following Internment in Germany

In a sombre turn of events, Michael Ryan, a seaman employed by the Limerick Steamship Company, passed away at his residence in Limerick on Tuesday night after battling a prolonged illness. The middle-aged seaman had been a crew member aboard the company’s vessel, the Sinain, which found itself interned in Hamburg following the outbreak of war last year.

Ryan’s journey took a distressing turn when he, along with the ship’s captain and fellow crewmates, was confined in internment for several months. However, his health deteriorated during this period of captivity, prompting his captors to release him due to worsening illness.

Described as possessing a robust constitution, Ryan’s resilience was tested during his internment, and unfortunately, his health never fully recovered. The circumstances surrounding his internment and subsequent treatment are believed to have exacerbated his condition, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

The news of Ryan’s passing has cast a shadow over the Limerick community, highlighting the human toll of conflict and internment. As friends and colleagues mourn his loss, questions linger about the conditions faced by interned individuals and the impact on their health and well-being.

The Limerick Steamship Company has expressed its condolences to Ryan’s family and friends, acknowledging his dedication and service as a valued member of their crew. As investigations into the circumstances of his illness continue, his memory serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made during tumultuous times.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 16 September 1915

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