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Limerick County Council Debates Immigration Resolution |

Limerick County Council Debates Immigration Resolution

In a heated session at the Limerick County Council, councillors engaged in a lively debate over a resolution concerning the expulsion of certain individuals from their homeland. The resolution, which was brought forward by representatives, sparked intense deliberation among council members.

The proposal, introduced by Mr Murphy and seconded by Mr McCabe, aimed to mark the resolution as “read” and noted. However, an amendment suggested by Mr Dockrell and supported by Mr Stokes sought to defeat the motion, citing concerns about the appropriateness of discussing such political matters within the council chambers. The amendment was narrowly defeated by a vote of 6 to 5.

During the debate, Mr Dockrell voiced his opposition, questioning the timing of the resolution and expressing reservations about supporting what he referred to as “seditious mongers.” He emphasised the importance of unity, particularly at a time when nationalists were advocating for the country’s freedom.

However, proponents of the resolution argued that it was crucial to address the issue of expulsion, regardless of its political implications. They highlighted the significance of standing up for those facing adversity and asserted that now, more than ever, unity was essential in the pursuit of liberty.

In the end, after thorough discussion, the resolution was adopted by the council, reflecting a commitment to addressing immigration issues within the region. The decision underscores the council’s role in grappling with complex societal challenges while navigating political sensitivities.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 02 September 1915

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