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Limerick Divorce Suit Unfolds: Allegations of Cruelty and Alimony Dispute |

Limerick Divorce Suit Unfolds: Allegations of Cruelty and Alimony Dispute

In a contentious legal proceeding before Mr Justice Pim in the Probate and Matrimonial Division, the case of Healy v. Healy unveils a saga of marital discord centred in Co. Limerick. Mrs. Kathleen Healy, represented by Mr Hennig, K.C., instructed by Mr V. O’Donoghue, petitioned for pendente lite support in her pursuit of a divorce, citing allegations of cruelty and misconduct against her husband, James J. Healy, a farmer of substantial means.

The marriage, which commenced in October 1906 and bore three children, encountered turbulence allegedly stemming from Mr Healy’s actions. It was asserted that Mr Healy engaged in misconduct with a nurse attending to Mrs. Healy during her illness, as well as with a household servant.

Residing in the environs of Castletown, Co. Limerick, Mr Healy boasted significant wealth, including several valuable farms and a considerable sum in his uncle’s will. Mrs. Healy, in her plea, contended she had endured gross cruelty, exacerbated when Mr Healy declined to finance her recommended medical treatment in Switzerland and withheld custody of their children.

Legal representatives for both parties, Mr Hennig, K.C., and Mr Hanna, K.C., engaged in a spirited exchange, with Mr Hanna disputing the severity of the allegations and deeming the motion for alimony excessive.

Ultimately, Mr Justice Pim decreed an alimony provision of £1 10s per week, effective from the date of filing the petition, July 24th, thus marking a significant juncture in this emotive legal saga.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 09 September 1915

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