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Limerick Lad's Valour and Devotion Honoured by Officers Amidst War |

Limerick Lad’s Valour and Devotion Honoured by Officers Amidst War

During a recent reflection on wartime experiences, officers from various backgrounds paid homage to the unwavering bravery and dedication exhibited by Catholic chaplains, particularly highlighting the remarkable courage of Father Leighton, an Irish priest serving with the 13th Division. Described as one of the most heroic individuals witnessed amidst conflict, Father Leighton fearlessly carried out his duties with calmness and courage, even in the face of grave danger.

Among the tales of valour and devotion, one officer shared a heartfelt tribute to a young lad from Limerick, approximately 18 years of age, who served as his personal attendant during his time on the front lines. The officer expressed admiration for the lad’s remarkable courage and unwavering loyalty throughout their shared trials and tribulations.

The officer, reflecting on the achievements of the 29th Division, to which his regiment belonged, remarked that their actions spoke volumes and required no additional commendation, as their deeds were widely recognised on the global stage.

Furthermore, as discussions turned to the prospects of disrupting the Turkish lines of communication, optimism prevailed, with hopes running high for successful strategic manoeuvres.

In the midst of conflict and adversity, the stories of individuals like Father Leighton and the brave lad from Limerick serve as shining examples of courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to duty. Their acts of selflessness and valour amidst the chaos of war continue to inspire and resonate, reminding us of the extraordinary sacrifices made during tumultuous times.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 18 September 1915

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