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Limerick Liquor Limit: Government Enforces Duty Restrictions |

Limerick Liquor Limit: Government Enforces Duty Restrictions

In a move to curb potential tax evasion and stabilize revenue streams, the government has enacted stringent measures impacting the customs and excise authorities, particularly concerning the payment of duties on various goods. Effective immediately in Dublin, officials are instructed to reject duty payments exceeding the average requirements of the past three months.

The directive affects a range of products including whiskey, beer, tea, wines, tobacco, and more. From Liverpool to Limerick, traders are swiftly adjusting to the new regulations, which limit the clearance of wines, spirits, and tea from bond to match the daily average of the preceding three months.

This unexpected government order caught many in the wine and spirit industry off guard, leading to disruptions in commercial activities. Traders in Limerick and surrounding areas, anticipating potential duty increases in the upcoming budget, had been withdrawing dutiable goods from bond at a heightened rate. However, with this new mandate, such withdrawals exceeding the three-month average are prohibited, prompting the cancellation of sales orders and withdrawals.

Meanwhile, in a separate development, a circular has been issued by the Dublin Metropolitan Police, seeking volunteers to serve in specific districts in London. The terms offered are reportedly favourable, raising expectations of a significant response from willing volunteers eager to lend their service across the Irish Sea.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 11 September 1915

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