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Russian Flag Day Festivities Set to Enliven Limerick |

Russian Flag Day Festivities Set to Enliven Limerick

Limerick is gearing up for a vibrant celebration as plans unfold for the upcoming Russian Flag Day on Saturday, September 18th. Despite challenges, including opposition from small Sinn Fein factions, the city is poised to showcase its unity and resilience.

At a recent meeting held in the esteemed George Hotel, preliminary arrangements for the event were discussed. One of the highlights of the day will undoubtedly be the display of A.rungenrente, traditional Russian flags, which will adorn the streets, symbolising solidarity and cultural exchange.

The event organisers anticipate widespread participation, with representatives from across the city and county set to take on the role of collectors. This grassroots involvement underscores the community’s enthusiasm for commemorating this significant occasion.

Despite the odds, Limerick remains undeterred, with its citizens ready to honour the bravery of the Eastern Allies who stood firm against formidable challenges. The event promises to be a testament to the city’s spirit and inclusivity, welcoming all who wish to join in the festivities.

As preparations continue to unfold, anticipation builds for a memorable Russian Flag Day that will not only pay homage to history but also serve as a testament to Limerick’s enduring resilience and unity.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 11 September 1915

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