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Shocking Development: Iconic Falls in Ireland to Power Electricity Scheme | Limerick Gazette Archives

Shocking Development: Iconic Falls in Ireland to Power Electricity Scheme

In a groundbreaking move, Ireland is set to harness the power of its natural wonders to fuel an ambitious electricity scheme. The famous falls of Lough Erne at Belleek and the Shannon near Limerick are slated for utilization in this innovative project.

A company has secured parliamentary powers to harness the vast power generated by these falls, with the aim of illuminating a significant portion of the country with electricity. Canals above the falls will redirect water to designated sites downstream, ensuring a steady flow to power turbines and generate electricity on a massive scale.

Heading this pioneering initiative is Mr Theodore Stevens, serving as the consulting luminary, alongside Mr P. J. McAndrew, the esteemed supervising engineer fromSheen Lodge, Bundoran, with Mr Winslow assuming the role of secretary. The project has already garnered substantial capital investment from the company, demonstrating confidence in its feasibility and potential impact.

Currently, teams are diligently at work, meticulously mapping out the routes for the necessary infrastructure, including the placement of cables to efficiently conduct the generated electricity to its intended destinations.

This visionary project not only signifies a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions but also highlights the remarkable synergy between nature and technology. As Ireland moves towards a greener future, the utilization of its natural resources in this manner sets a precedent for innovative energy initiatives globally.

Evening Irish Times – Friday 10 September 1915