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United Irish League Branch Established in Knocklong, Co. Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

United Irish League Branch Established in Knocklong, Co. Limerick

A gathering convened at Knocklong, County Limerick, on Sunday under the leadership of Mr John P. O’Connor, aimed at establishing the local branch of the United Irish League. Chaired by Mr John McGrath, the meeting saw a strong turnout as attendees gathered to discuss matters pertinent to their community and the wider political landscape.

Addressing the assembled crowd, Chairman McGrath underscored the significance of unity and organization, particularly in the present socio-political climate. He stressed the importance of standing firm in support of their esteemed leader, Mr John Redmond, and the Irish Parliamentary Party, eliciting resounding cheers from those present.

Mr O’Connor, the organiser of the event, delivered a compelling address, highlighting the transformative reforms ushered in by the Irish Parliamentary Party and the National Organisation. He urged the people of Ireland to remain steadfast in their support for Mr Redmond and the principles espoused by the Irish Parliamentary Party, drawing enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Emphasising the need for active participation, Mr O’Connor called upon attendees to join the Nationalist organisation and contribute to the advancement of their collective goals. His impassioned appeal resonated with many, prompting a flurry of names being put forward to join the newly established branch.

In the spirit of practicality, arrangements were swiftly made to ensure the smooth functioning of the branch, including the allocation of responsibilities and the formulation of plans for future activities. There was a palpable sense of determination and purpose as attendees committed themselves to the cause they held dear.

The establishment of the United Irish League branch in Knocklong represents a significant milestone in the ongoing struggle for Irish autonomy and self-determination. It symbolises the unwavering resolve of its members to uphold the principles of unity, solidarity, and progress as they work towards a brighter future for their community and their country.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 28 September 1915