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Limerick Chamber of Commerce Calls for Fair Taxation Amidst War |

Limerick Chamber of Commerce Calls for Fair Taxation Amidst War

In a pivotal Budget meeting convened by the Limerick Chamber of Commerce yesterday, President Mr A. Murray presiding, a significant resolution was passed regarding the proposed taxation on increased trade income during the ongoing conflict. The resolution emphasised the potential unjust burden and hardship it could impose on certain traders, particularly those who experienced meagre profits in the year preceding 1914 and are currently facing minimal or negative returns. Concerns were raised regarding the possibility of substantial losses post-war.

The Chamber of Commerce firmly asserted its stance that any taxation measures should be equitable and considerate of the diverse circumstances faced by businesses during wartime. Proposing an alternative approach, they advocated for taxation to be calculated based on the average profits during the war years, with a limitation of six months following the declaration of peace. Additionally, the resolution called for provisions for rebates from annually paid taxes if deemed necessary.

This resolution underscores the Chamber’s commitment to advocating for fair and pragmatic economic policies that support the resilience and sustainability of businesses in Limerick amidst the challenging backdrop of war. It signals a proactive stance in engaging with governmental authorities to ensure that taxation measures are balanced and conducive to economic recovery and prosperity post-conflict. The Chamber looks forward to constructive dialogue and collabouration with relevant stakeholders to address these pressing concerns and foster a conducive business environment in Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 06 October 1915

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