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Limerick Rally Urges Recruitment Amidst Stirring Speech by Judge Law-Smith |

Limerick Rally Urges Recruitment Amidst Stirring Speech by Judge Law-Smith

A large crowd gathered in Pery Square, Limerick, on Saturday night for a meeting aimed at boosting recruitment efforts. The event, presided over by Honour County Court Judge Law-Smith, saw impassioned pleas for enlistment amidst the backdrop of ongoing conflict.

Addressing the assembly, Judge Law-Smith, himself a Northerner, expressed pride in the valour displayed by the Munster Fusiliers in various theatres of war, including France, Flanders, and the Dardanelles. He lauded their acts of heroism and self-sacrifice, attributing their deeds to bringing honour not only to Ireland but specifically to Limerick, prompting cheers from the audience.

The Judge then turned his attention to the urgency of the current situation, invoking the atrocities committed in Belgium and emphasising the need for Ireland to contribute to the fight against the “German devils.” He appealed to the manhood of Limerick, urging every able-bodied man to step forward and prepare to defend Europe from the ravages of war.

The rallying cry echoed amidst the cheers of the crowd, with sentiments of solidarity and determination palpable throughout Pery Square. The event served as a stark reminder of the gravity of the conflict and the call to action felt within the community.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 04 October 1915

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