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Limerick Treaty Anniversary Commemorated with Solemn Ceremony | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Treaty Anniversary Commemorated with Solemn Ceremony

The 224th anniversary of the Treaty of Limerick was observed with reverence as a wreath of laurel and ivy was tenderly placed upon the historic Treaty Stone, near Thomond Bridge in Limerick. The ceremony, attended by the President and members of the St. Michael’s Temperance Society, held particular significance as it coincided with the commemoration of the treaty’s signing, a pivotal moment in Irish history.

The Treaty of Limerick, signed in 1691, marked the end of the Williamite War in Ireland and had far-reaching implications for the country’s future. The placing of the wreath symbolized remembrance and respect for the events that transpired on that fateful day centuries ago.

Accompanying the solemn proceedings, Beherbuoy Band provided a poignant musical backdrop, performing stirring melodies of Irish airs near the Treaty Stone. The heartfelt tunes attracted a considerable gathering of onlookers throughout the day, underscoring the enduring significance of the treaty in the hearts and minds of the local community.

The President and attendees reflected on the treaty’s historical significance, its impact on the trajectory of Ireland’s governance, and the enduring lessons it imparts. As Limerick paused to remember this milestone in its history, the ceremony served as a poignant reminder of the enduring legacy of the Treaty of Limerick and its place in the annals of Irish heritage.

Freeman’s Journal – Wednesday 06 October 1915