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Lusitania Tragedy: Limerick Couple's Estate in Probate Court |

Lusitania Tragedy: Limerick Couple’s Estate in Probate Court

In a poignant legal proceeding at the King’s Bench Division (Probate), a heart-wrenching saga unfolded concerning the estate of Teresa Feeley, a married woman from Limerick, who tragically perished alongside her husband in the sinking of the Lusitania. Mr Michael D. Cleary, father of the deceased, made an emotional plea through his counsel, Mr Comyn, K.C., requesting the liberty to seek letters of administration for his daughter’s estate.

The court learned that Teresa Feeley and her husband were among the ill-fated passengers aboard the Lusitania when it was torpedoed off the coast of Cork, resulting in the loss of both their lives. While Teresa’s body was recovered near the site of the tragedy, her husband’s remains were never found, leaving a painful void for their loved ones.

Mr Comyn highlighted the presumption that Joseph Feeley, Teresa’s husband, potentially survived her due to being physically stronger. This presumption formed the basis of the legal argument regarding the distribution of the estate, which included funds held in banks both in Ireland and the United States.

Representatives for Anne Feeley, Joseph’s mother, acknowledged the rightful ownership of the estate by Teresa but contested the distribution based on the assumption of Joseph’s survival. Despite the emotional complexity of the case, the Lord Chief Justice ultimately granted the application, allowing for the administration of Teresa Feeley’s estate to proceed.

The courtroom drama underscored the profound impact of the Lusitania tragedy on individual families, resonating particularly deeply in the heart of Limerick, where the Feeleys hailed from. As legal proceedings continue, the memory of the couple lost at sea serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring human toll of maritime disasters.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 07 October 1915

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