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Lament for Loss: Mr Martin Leahy, J.P., Remembered in Limerick |

Lament for Loss: Mr Martin Leahy, J.P., Remembered in Limerick

The passing of Mr Martin Leahy, J.P., at his residence in Ascot Terrace, Limerick, after a prolonged illness of several months, has deeply saddened the community. Mr Leahy was a well-respected figure in local circles, his name synonymous with dedication and service.

A stalwart in municipal affairs, Mr Leahy served as President of the local Trades Council, representing it at various conferences with vigour and insight. His contributions to the advancement of trade and industry were widely acknowledged and appreciated.

Previously, Mr Leahy held the esteemed position of Councillor of the Corporation, where his wisdom and judicious counsel guided the city through numerous challenges. Additionally, his role as a member of the Technical Education Committee underscored his commitment to fostering learning and skill development within the community.

Beyond his civic duties, Mr Leahy was a familiar face in social gatherings, his affable demeanour and genuine concern for others leaving a lasting impression on all who knew him. His absence will be keenly felt, not only in official capacities but also in the warmth and camaraderie he shared with fellow citizens.

As Limerick mourns the loss of a devoted servant and esteemed friend, Mr Martin Leahy’s legacy of selfless service and dedication to the betterment of society will endure as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

Evening Irish Times – Friday 15 October 1915

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