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Limerick Y.M.A. Supports War Efforts with 80 Volunteers |

Limerick Y.M.A. Supports War Efforts with 80 Volunteers

In a recent gathering in the heart of Limerick, the Youth Merchants Association (Y.M.A.) convened under the watchful eye of Mr Archibald Murray, who presided over the meeting. The focus of discussion centered on the notable contribution of Limerick residents to the war effort.

With a membership tallying at 403, it was revealed that over 80 individuals have enlisted in His Majesty’s Forces, demonstrating a profound commitment to national service during these tumultuous times. Attendees acknowledged the sacrifices made by these brave volunteers, recognizing their dedication to the defence of the realm.

Furthermore, commendation was extended towards the military authorities for their acknowledgement of the support provided by the Association. The efforts of the Y.M.A. in ensuring the comfort and entertainment of servicemen stationed in the city were acknowledged and deeply appreciated.

Amidst the discussions, Mr Murray was unanimously re-elected to serve as the head of the association for the forthcoming year. His leadership and steadfast commitment to the community garnered widespread acclaim and trust among the members.

As Limerick stands united in its support for the war, the Y.M.A. reaffirms its dedication to aiding both the local community and the broader national cause, embodying the spirit of solidarity and resilience in these challenging times.

Evening Irish Times – Thursday 14 October 1915

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