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Limerick Mourns the Passing of Lord Massy: Fishery Board Pays Tribute |

Limerick Mourns the Passing of Lord Massy: Fishery Board Pays Tribute

LIMERICK, Wednesday – In a poignant display of reverence, the Limerick Fishery Board convened today to mourn the loss of one of its esteemed members, the late Lord Massy. Led by Mr A. Blood-smyth, solicitor, the monthly meeting was imbued with a solemn atmosphere as heartfelt condolences were extended to the family of the departed nobleman.

Mr Blood-smyth, assuming the role of the meeting’s presiding officer, wasted no time in expressing his deep sense of duty towards honouring Lord Massy’s memory. He proposed that the meeting be adjourned as a token of respect to the late Lord Massy, a figure held in high esteem for his longstanding commitment and invaluable contributions to the board.

Addressing the assembly, Mr Mitchel conveyed his sentiments, acknowledging Lord Massy’s significant presence within the board’s ranks. He remarked on the loss felt by all members and emphasised the late Lord’s unwavering dedication, both in financial support and personal engagement with the board’s affairs. Lord Massy’s chairmanship, whenever he graced the meetings with his presence, was hailed as a symbol of courtesy and leadership, earning him widespread admiration.

Reflecting on the departed nobleman’s character, Mr Mitchel spoke fondly of Lord Massy as a quintessential Irish gentleman, whose accessibility and generosity endeared him to all who had the privilege of his acquaintance.

The Chairman, echoing the sentiments shared by Mr Mitchel and others present, acknowledged the potential diversity of opinions regarding Lord Massy’s legacy. Nevertheless, he underscored the late Lord’s steadfast commitment to the Fishery Board, citing his readiness to offer both financial assistance and personal guidance whenever needed.

Lord Massy’s passing leaves a void within the Fishery Board and the wider community, prompting an outpouring of sympathy and support towards his family during this time of bereavement. As a mark of respect and solidarity, the resolution to adjourn the meeting was unanimously endorsed, symbolising the collective grief felt by all members.

With heavy hearts, the Limerick Fishery Board bids farewell to a cherished colleague and esteemed patron, Lord Massy, whose legacy of service and camaraderie will endure as a testament to his indelible impact on the community he served faithfully.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 02 December 1915

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