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Limerick Archives Gazette 1915 |

Limerick Archives Gazette 1915

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of the Limerick Archives Gazette, a publication dedicated to uncovering and sharing the rich tapestry of Limerick’s history. In this edition, we delve into the pivotal year of 1915, a period that stands as a cornerstone in the annals of both Limerick and Ireland’s storied past. This issue aims to illuminate the events of 1915, exploring their profound impact on the city of Limerick and its inhabitants, amidst the backdrop of global upheaval caused by the First World War. The year 1915 was marked by significant changes and challenges for Limerick, mirroring the broader national and international landscape. It was a time when the echoes of war reverberated through every corner of society, influencing the daily lives of Limerick’s people and shaping the city’s future trajectory. From the fervent recruitment drives that swept through the city’s streets to the growing undercurrent of nationalist sentiment, 1915 was a year of transition, turmoil, and transformation.

As we explore this critical year, our articles will examine the multifaceted impacts of the war on Limerick, including the economic fluctuations caused by disrupted trade and the burgeoning opportunity for women to step into roles traditionally held by men. We will also delve into the political activities that simmered beneath the surface, setting the stage for the subsequent rise of the independence movement. The cultural shifts of the time, reflected in literature, music, and art, will also be a focal point, offering insights into the resilience and evolving identity of Limerick’s people. Through meticulous research and a commitment to historical accuracy, this issue of the Limerick Archives Gazette seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of 1915, a year that significantly influenced Limerick’s historical narrative. Join us as we journey back in time, piecing together the events that shaped the city and its legacy.


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