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Limerick County Committee Opposes Withdrawal of Irish Language Teaching Grant |

Limerick County Committee Opposes Withdrawal of Irish Language Teaching Grant

The Limerick County Committee of Agriculture and Technical Instruction has passed a resolution vehemently opposing the withdrawal of grants previously allocated for the teaching of the Irish language. The resolution, adopted amidst concerns over the preservation and promotion of the Irish language, highlights the Committee’s strong stance against what they perceive as a detrimental move.

The grants in question, although modest in scale, have historically supported the teaching of Irish language classes. However, the recent decision to withdraw these grants has sparked outrage within the Limerick community, with many viewing it as a direct assault on the cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of Ireland.

In a statement released by the Committee, they express their dismay at the withdrawal of funding, emphasising the importance of supporting initiatives aimed at preserving the Irish language. They argue that discontinuing these grants not only undermines ongoing efforts to promote Irish language education but also disregards the commitment of teachers who have already commenced classes for the academic year 1915-16.

Furthermore, the Committee urges the Department responsible for education to reconsider their decision and continue funding the Irish language classes. They assert that the unexpended balance of grants, which the Department intends to reallocate elsewhere, could be utilised effectively to sustain the ongoing classes and honour the commitments made to dedicated teachers.

The resolution passed by the Limerick County Committee underscores the significance of language preservation in Ireland, particularly concerning the Irish language, which holds a cherished place in the nation’s cultural heritage. The Committee’s protest reflects a broader sentiment within the community, advocating for the continued support and promotion of Irish language education.

The decision to oppose the withdrawal of grants for Irish language teaching comes at a crucial juncture, as efforts to revitalise and safeguard the language face numerous challenges. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle to protect linguistic diversity and cultural identity in the face of modernisation and globalisation.

As the debate over language policy continues, stakeholders and policymakers are called upon to consider the broader implications of their decisions on the preservation of Ireland’s linguistic heritage. The resolution passed by the Limerick County Committee serves as a rallying cry for advocates of the Irish language, urging concerted action to ensure its survival and flourishing for generations to come.

General Advertiser for Dublin, and all Ireland – Saturday 01 January 1916

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