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In a distinguished ceremony at the behest of the King, Mr Francis Edgar Kearney, LL.D., has been bestowed with the esteemed title of Knighthood. Hailing from the historic city of Limerick, Mr Kearney, the sole offspring of the late Mr Francis Kearney, a prominent solicitor, has long been an exemplary figure in both academic and civic spheres.

A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Mr Kearney’s intellectual prowess shone brightly as he secured a Moderatorship in Ethics and Logic, alongside claiming the prestigious first silver medal. His academic journey culminated in the attainment of a Doctorate in Law (LL.D.), a testament to his dedication and scholarly acumen.

Transitioning seamlessly into the legal profession in 101, Mr Kearney established himself as a proficient solicitor, serving the legal needs of his community in Limerick with diligence and integrity. However, his contributions extend far beyond the courtroom, as evidenced by his recent endeavours in the military.

For several months, Mr Kearney has admirably served in the Army, demonstrating unwavering commitment to the cause of national service. His involvement in the recruitment drive has been particularly noteworthy, earning him recognition and respect within military circles. Notably, he assumed the rank of Captain, entrusted with the vital role of Recruiting Officer for the counties of Limerick and Clare.

The announcement of his Knighthood has been met with widespread acclaim and felicitations from peers within the legal profession, as well as fellow citizens and the broader public. Indeed, it serves as a fitting tribute to Mr Kearney’s multifaceted contributions to both academia and public service.

In response to the outpouring of support, Sir Francis Edgar Kearney expressed his gratitude, humbly acknowledging the honour bestowed upon him by the King. With characteristic modesty, he attributed his achievements to the unwavering support of his family, mentors, and the community of Limerick.

As he embarks on this new chapter as a Knight, Sir Francis Edgar Kearney remains steadfast in his commitment to upholding the values of duty, honour, and service to his beloved city and country. Undoubtedly, his legacy as the “New Limerick Knight” is destined to inspire generations to come, encapsulating the essence of dedication and excellence.

Evening Irish Times – Monday 03 January 1916

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