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White Gloves Tradition Marks Limerick City Quarter Sessions |

White Gloves Tradition Marks Limerick City Quarter Sessions

Limerick City Quarter Sessions commenced yesterday under the auspices of Judge Law-Smith, with a notable tradition marking the occasion. The customary presentation of white gloves by Mr Stephen O’Mara, the City High Sheriff, signified the beginning of the legal proceedings. This longstanding practice, now in its fourth occurrence during Mr O’Mara’s tenure, underscores the significance of the event within the local judicial calendar.

The exchange of white gloves holds historical and symbolic significance within Limerick’s legal community. Mr O’Mara’s presentation to His Honour, Judge Law-Smith, serves as a gesture of respect and formality, reflecting the traditional customs observed during such sessions.

In response to the presentation, His Honour acknowledged the gesture, noting the importance of maintaining peace and order, particularly in the current global context of turmoil and conflict. He expressed gratitude for the symbolic act, emphasising the value of peace both with fellow citizens and with a higher power.

The tradition of presenting white gloves at the onset of the Limerick City Quarter Sessions is deeply rooted in local custom and has become a symbol of continuity and respect within the legal fraternity. As the proceedings continue, the significance of this ceremonial gesture resonates throughout the courtroom, serving as a reminder of the city’s rich traditions and the solemnity of the judicial process.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 08 January 1916

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