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Limerick Mourns the Passing of Lady Elizabeth Spaight |

Limerick Mourns the Passing of Lady Elizabeth Spaight

Limerick, known for its vibrant community and rich history, is grieving the loss of one of its respected residents, Lady Elizabeth Spaight. News of her passing has saddened the hearts of many in the city, as she was a well-known and beloved figure in the community.

Lady Spaight, formerly of Leamington and the widow of Sir James Spaight, LL.D., D.L., of Derry Castle, was not just an esteemed individual but also a prominent figure in Limerick’s social and political circles. Sir James had served as both Mayor of Limerick and as a Parliamentary representative for the city, leaving a lasting legacy that Lady Spaight continued to honour.

Hailing from an esteemed Scottish lineage, Lady Spaight was held in high regard and was widely admired for her grace, intelligence, and contributions to various facets of life in Limerick. Her presence added a touch of elegance to the city’s social scene, and her philanthropic endeavours endeared her to many.

Despite her advanced age, Lady Spaight remained active in the community, lending her support to charitable causes and participating in local events. Her kindness and generosity touched the lives of countless individuals, and her legacy will continue to inspire future generations in Limerick.

The interment of Lady Elizabeth Spaight took place quietly in Leamington, reflecting her modesty and humility. However, her memory will be celebrated far and wide, as her impact on Limerick and beyond is indelible.

As Limerick bids farewell to one of its own, the city stands united in honouring Lady Spaight’s remarkable life and legacy. Though she may be gone, her spirit will forever remain intertwined with the fabric of Limerick’s history, reminding all who knew her of the enduring power of kindness, grace, and service to others.

In this time of mourning, the people of Limerick extend their deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Lady Elizabeth Spaight, holding them in their thoughts and prayers as they navigate this period of loss.

Evening Irish Times – Monday 24 January 1916

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