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Arrests Made in County Limerick: Suspects Appear Before Special Court | Limerick Gazette Archives

Arrests Made in County Limerick: Suspects Appear Before Special Court

Today, in a significant development, a number of individuals were apprehended in County Limerick and brought before a special court presided over in Glin. The individuals, identified as James Feeley, James Stacpoole, John McMahon, John Flynn, and John Egan, were taken into custody by law enforcement authorities.

The charges against the arrested individuals relate to alleged involvement in rioting, unlawful assembly, and the rescue of Patrick Curtin in an incident that occurred in Glin on December 1st of the previous year. The identities of the suspects were disclosed as they appeared before the special court.

Sergeant Butler and officers Creedon, O’Farrell, Roger, and Clancy were instrumental in effecting the arrests, with their diligent efforts resulting in the apprehension of the suspects. Notably, the court proceedings were overseen by Mr Jones R.M., ensuring that due process was adhered to throughout the legal proceedings.

Upon their appearance before the court, Mr Condon, a solicitor based in Newcastle-West, made representations on behalf of the defendants. He requested that the case be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Newcastle-West court. However, Mr Jones, acting on behalf of the prosecution, argued against this motion, asserting that the matter should remain within the jurisdiction of the Limerick authorities.

Inspector Foley represented the Crown during the court proceedings, ensuring that the interests of the state were upheld and that justice was served. The courtroom atmosphere was tense as the legal teams presented their arguments before the presiding magistrate.

Following deliberations, the court made the decision to remand the defendants back into the custody of the Limerick authorities. This decision was reached after careful consideration of the facts presented and the legal precedents applicable to the case.

The arrests and subsequent court proceedings underscore the commitment of law enforcement agencies in County Limerick to uphold the rule of law and maintain public order. The swift and decisive action taken by the authorities sends a clear message that criminal activities will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be brought to justice.

As the legal process continues, the individuals arrested will have the opportunity to present their case and defend themselves against the charges brought against them. The outcome of the court proceedings will be closely monitored by the community, as it will serve as a benchmark for the administration of justice in County Limerick.

Evening Irish Times – Tuesday 01 February 1916