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Limerick Farmer's Plight Unveiled: Selling Under Cost for Decades |

Limerick Farmer’s Plight Unveiled: Selling Under Cost for Decades

In a recent address to the Irish Times, Mr De Burgh, a farmer from Limerick, has shed light on the enduring struggle faced by Irish farmers, who have been compelled to sell their produce consistently below the cost of production since 1878. His poignant demonstration has aimed to enlighten town dwellers about the arduous plight of rural agriculturalists, who have been sacrificing their own financial stability for the greater good.

Mr De Burgh’s message resonates with the lament of countless farmers across Ireland, who have laboured under the burden of unprofitable sales for decades. He underscores the lack of understanding among urban populations regarding the altruistic sacrifices made by farmers, who have been driving themselves into financial ruin in the service of supplying affordable food.

The intricacies of this enduring predicament, however, remain opaque to many city dwellers. Mr De Burgh’s challenge to explain the mechanics of selling below cost over such a prolonged period prompts reflection on the complexities of agricultural economics. He invites scrutiny into the mechanisms by which farmers manage to sustain their livelihoods amidst perpetual losses, even as reports of soaring land prices in County Limerick pepper the headlines.

Central to Mr De Burgh’s narrative is the paradox of prosperity and poverty coexisting within the agricultural sector. He raises pertinent questions about the apparent contradiction of substantial sums held in Irish banks juxtaposed with the continued struggle of farmers to cover their costs. Such juxtapositions prompt a deeper interrogation of the economic dynamics underpinning rural livelihoods.

Furthermore, Mr De Burgh invites scrutiny into the intricate dance of supply and demand that characterizes agricultural markets. He elucidates the remarkable phenomenon whereby farmers, having already sold their produce at a loss, reinvest in additional resources, such as grazing land, at inflated prices, all in a bid to perpetuate the cycle of unprofitable sales. His narrative underscores the complexities and sacrifices inherent in the pursuit of agricultural sustainability.

In response to Mr De Burgh’s impassioned plea for recognition and understanding, the broader community is called upon to acknowledge and address the systemic challenges faced by farmers across Ireland. His message serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and fortitude exhibited by those who toil the land, often at great personal cost, to sustain the nation’s food supply.

As the discourse surrounding agricultural economics continues to evolve, Mr De Burgh’s insights serve as a rallying cry for greater empathy and solidarity towards those whose livelihoods are inextricably intertwined with the land.

Evening Irish Times – Friday 18 February 1916

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