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Limerick's Young Ireland Branch Holds Annual Meeting |

Limerick’s Young Ireland Branch Holds Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Young Ireland Branch in Limerick took place at the Lashes’ National Volunteer Hall, with Mr Francis Finnsmara presiding over the proceedings. The event marked a significant moment as it welcomed Alderman Joyce, MP.., who had recently recovered from a severe illness.

Mr Finnsmara extended a warm welcome to Alderman Joyce, acknowledging his resilience and congratulating him on his recovery. In his address, he reflected on the organisation’s contributions to the National movement in the city and commended the Young Ireland Branch for its role in advancing the cause. He highlighted the pivotal position they held in the country’s history at the present moment.

The officers for the upcoming year were re-elected, with Mr Finnsmara retaining his position as Chairman, Mr Thomas Lawler as Vice-Chairman, and Mr John Browne as Treasurer. Mr J. B. Browne and Mr M. Foley were also reaffirmed as Remembrancers. Additionally, delegates were selected to represent the branch at the Divisional Executive, including Messrs. C. C. Cregan, J. Browne, T. S. Lawler, J. O’Flynn, S.C., and R. Ryan.

During the meeting, the High Sheriff-elect proposed a resolution expressing unwavering confidence in the Irish Party under the leadership of Mr John E. Redmond. The resolution praised Mr Redmond’s leadership, wisdom, and foresight, particularly acknowledging the party’s success in securing Ireland’s exemption from the Compulsory Service Bill and their effective action in retaining the Irish grant. The proposal was seconded by Mr Cregan and carried unanimously.

In response to the vote of confidence, Alderman Joyce, MP.., expressed gratitude on behalf of the Irish Party. He emphasised the unity and enthusiasm demonstrated by the four branches of the National organisation in Limerick, affirming their steadfast support for the Irish Leader and the party.

The meeting also took the opportunity to congratulate Mr T. S. Lawler on his appointment to the Shrievalty of the city, recognising his significant role in the community.

The gathering concluded with a sense of optimism and determination, as members of the Young Ireland Branch reaffirmed their commitment to the National movement and its goals. As they looked towards the future, they remained steadfast in their support for the Irish Party and its leadership, ready to continue their efforts in shaping the course of Irish history.

Freeman’s Journal – Wednesday 16 February 1916

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