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Tragic Limerick Railway Incident Leaves One Dead | Limerick Gazette Archives

Tragic Limerick Railway Incident Leaves One Dead

In a heartbreaking incident near Limerick, tragedy struck when the lifeless body of Thomas McNamara, an elderly labourer residing in Greenmount, Patrick’s Well, was discovered early yesterday morning. His body was found lying on the water table of the Great Southern and Western railway line, the victim of an apparent railway accident.

Authorities believe that Mr McNamara, who lived alone, had been walking along the railway line when he was inadvertently struck by a passing train. The circumstances surrounding the incident suggest that his death occurred several hours before his body was found.

The discovery of Mr McNamara’s remains came to light when the driver of the Charleville tram noticed the tragic scene while passing by. It is reported that the incident went unnoticed until the train operator’s keen eye caught sight of the body lying on the water table.

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the circumstances leading up to the fatal accident. While initial assessments point towards a tragic accident, authorities are looking into all aspects to ascertain the precise sequence of events.

Mr McNamara’s untimely demise has left the community in shock and mourning. Described as a hard-working individual, Mr McNamara’s presence in the community will be sorely missed. Friends and neighbours have expressed their condolences to his family during this difficult time.

The railway authorities have issued a statement expressing their condolences to the family of Mr McNamara and assuring the public of their commitment to safety along the railway lines. They have pledged to cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation to understand the circumstances leading to the tragic incident.

Railway accidents, though rare, serve as stark reminders of the potential dangers associated with railway travel. Safety measures and precautions remain paramount in ensuring the well-being of both passengers and pedestrians in and around railway areas.

As investigations continue, the community mourns the loss of a valued member, while authorities work diligently to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 02 March 1916