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Limerick's Bravery Illuminated: Corporal P. Hogan's Heroism Recognized | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick’s Bravery Illuminated: Corporal P. Hogan’s Heroism Recognized

In a stirring tribute to valour and steadfastness, Corporal P. Hogan of Blossom Hill, Rathkeale, County Limerick, has been lauded for his distinguished conduct in the throes of battle. This commendation, a beacon of heroism, comes directly from the heart of the conflict where Corporal Hogan has been actively engaged.

The commendation was conveyed through a heartfelt letter from Major Laurence Roche of the 8th Royal Munster Fusiliers, currently stationed at the front lines, to Mr D. J. Madden, D.C., of Rathkeale. The letter included a certificate of honour awarded to Corporal Hogan, a distinction presented by Major-General Hickey, commander of the 16th Division, and Brigadier-General Pesarea of the Irish Brigade. This significant event unfolded in the presence of thousands of troops on Friday, March 3rd, marking a momentous occasion in the annals of military history.

This honour, the first of its kind bestowed upon a soldier of the Irish Brigade, was awarded amidst a ceremony attended by commanding officers and countless servicemen, underscoring the remarkable bravery exhibited by Corporal Hogan. Major Roche, a figure renowned for his athletic prowess and esteemed role in the Gaelic Athletic Association, expressed profound pride in Hogan’s actions, stating, “Rathkeale ought to feel proud of having produced a man capable of performing heroic deeds in the face of a determined enemy, in the greatest war the world has ever known.”

The major’s commendation extended beyond Corporal Hogan to include all the Rathkeale men in the regiment, and by extension, every Limerick city and county man serving in the Royal Munster Fusiliers. Their bravery, loyalty, and commitment to the cause were highlighted as exemplary, setting a standard for all soldiers to aspire to.

Corporal Hogan’s wish for the certificate to be suitably framed and exhibited, before eventually being handed over to his mother at Blossom Hill, Rathkeale, adds a poignant touch to this tale of bravery and honour. It serves as a tangible reminder of the courage, dedication, and sacrifice exhibited by the sons of Limerick in the face of adversity.

As the city of Limerick and its residents reflect on this esteemed recognition, the story of Corporal Hogan and his comrades continues to inspire and resonate, echoing the valourous spirit of those who have risen to the call of duty with unflinching courage.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 01 April 1916