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Limerick Calm As Uprising Rocks Dublin: Sinn Feiners Seize Control Amidst Violence |

Limerick Calm As Uprising Rocks Dublin: Sinn Feiners Seize Control Amidst Violence

In a startling turn of events, Dublin found itself embroiled in chaos last night as Sinn Féin sympathizers, heavily armed and identified with the separatist movement, seized strategic locations across the city. St. Stephen’s Green and the Post Office were among the sites forcibly occupied, with telecommunication lines severed, exacerbating the situation.

Authorities swiftly responded, deploying troops from the Curragh, effectively bringing the situation under control. However, the toll of the uprising is evident, with casualties reported on both sides. Three military officers, several soldiers, Loyal Volunteers, and policemen have lost their lives, while many more have been wounded.

Despite the turmoil in Dublin, reports from other provinces indicate relative calm, with no significant disturbances reported in Cork, Limerick, Tralee, or Tipperary.

The Prime Minister’s absence from Westminster Abbey, opting instead for consultations with key ministers, underscores the gravity of the situation. The influence of Sinn Féin, particularly in Dublin, is highlighted, with the organization drawing support from elements within the civil service.

While Sinn Féin’s electoral prowess has been limited, with a notable defeat in a past by-election, their ability to mobilize and challenge authority through alternative means is evident in the current uprising.

The developments in Dublin serve as a stark reminder of the simmering tensions within Ireland and the challenges facing authorities in maintaining order amidst growing nationalist sentiment.

Derby Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 26 April 1916

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