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Limerick County Council Stands Firm with Nationalist Party Against Conscription |

Limerick County Council Stands Firm with Nationalist Party Against Conscription

In a spirited meeting held by the Limerick County Council, under the steady leadership of Chairman W.U. Gubbins, J.T., discussions flared over the topic of conscription and taxation policies affecting Ireland. With the council chamber serving as a microcosm of the broader national debate, the council reviewed resolutions from the Dublin Corporation concerning Ireland’s financial relations.

The council’s discourse took a decisive turn when Mr John Coleman, J.P., tabled a resolution expressing unwavering confidence in the Irish Parliamentary Party and their continued efforts to shield Ireland from unnecessary burdens of taxation and conscription. Mr Michael McMillan, J.P., echoing Coleman’s sentiments, highlighted the party’s success in preventing conscription, underlining the lack of necessity for further debate on over-taxation or outsider interference.

However, not all council members found common ground. A sharp exchange unfolded between the Chairman and Mr Anthony Mackey, with Mackey challenging the Irish Party’s stance on taxation and accusing the Chairman of discrediting opposing views. The debate crescendoed as Chairman Gubbins defended the sacrifices of Irishmen fighting abroad for global freedoms, starkly contrasting with the ideologies of Sinn Féin and its supporters.

In the end, the resolution proposed by Mr Coleman triumphed, receiving the council’s backing with a majority vote, reinforcing Limerick County Council’s support for the Irish Parliamentary Party amidst Ireland’s tumultuous political landscape.

This moment in Limerick’s history underscores the city’s pivotal role in national debates on conscription and taxation, reflecting the passionate and diverse perspectives within its community. As Ireland navigated these challenging times, Limerick stood as a beacon of dialogue and decision-making, committed to shaping the country’s future.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 17 April 1916

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