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The Limerick Gun-Running Saga: Arrests, Seizures, and Tragic Mishaps Unfold | Limerick Gazette Archives

The Limerick Gun-Running Saga: Arrests, Seizures, and Tragic Mishaps Unfold

A clandestine operation involving arms, arrests, and a tragic accident has gripped the town of Tralee showcasing the intrigue and danger swirling around the Irish struggle for independence.

Austin Slack, a law clerk, and Cornelius Collins, an accountant in the G.P.O. in Dublin, found themselves in the spotlight when they were apprehended in Tralee on charges of conspiracy and aiding the importation of arms from an unnamed enemy. The duo was swiftly remanded in custody by a resident magistrate, their alleged involvement shrouded in mystery and speculation.

The arrest sent shockwaves through Tralee, as it was linked to the seizure of a boat in Tralee Bay loaded with arms and ammunition, suspected to be destined for Sinn Féin Volunteers. Adding to the intrigue, a man of unknown nationality was apprehended near the vessel, escorted to Dublin amidst heightened security. Rumours abound that he carried vital documents pertinent to the operation. Authorities are now on the hunt for two individuals spotted in proximity to the detained man, their role in the affair yet to be uncovered.

However, the plot thickened with a dramatic twist in nearby Killorglin. A motor-car originating from Limerick, carrying three unidentified occupants, met a tragic end as it careened off the road and into the river. While the chauffeur narrowly escaped, the other occupants perished in the accident. Speculation swirls that these individuals were linked to the arms landing expedition, their demise adding a sombre note to the unfolding drama.

Further complicating matters, the captured boat is now suspected to have ties to a Dutch vessel loitering along the coast, allegedly poised to deliver arms to Sinn Féin sympathisers. This revelation has stoked tensions and raised concerns about the extent of external support for the burgeoning independence movement.

In Tralee, where excitement over the unfolding events runs high, residents are left to ponder the implications of these developments. The town, already steeped in the tumult of political unrest, finds itself at the centre of a gripping saga that could have far-reaching consequences for the region’s future.

As authorities continue their investigations and the public eagerly awaits updates, the tale of the Limerick gun-running plot unfolds like a riveting chapter from a suspense novel, with each revelation adding layers of intrigue to an already complex narrative.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 27 April 1916