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Further Arrests and Many Limerick Captures | Limerick Gazette Archives

Further Arrests and Many Limerick Captures

Numerous individuals have been apprehended across the country in a continuation of recent arrests. Among those detained are Mr J. P. Terrell, Assistant Clerk of the Rathdown Union, an individual identified only as Murphy, and two individuals named Fligginson. These arrests took place yesterday morning, with the discovery of some rifles near the workhouse adding to the gravity of the situation.

Alderman J. J. Kelly, who had previously been arrested and transported to England, is expected to be temporarily released to attend the funeral of his mother. Additionally, Alderman O’Neill has been granted his release.

In Limerick, twenty-eight individuals were arrested yesterday, including notable figures such as Mr I. Dalton, Mr P. P. O’Connor, and Mr E. O’Toole, the City Treasurer. However, three individuals—Mr Stapleton, J. Troy, and Joseph Dalton—were discharged following questioning. The remaining twenty-five were transferred to Dublin for further processing.

Reports indicate that eleven arrests were carried out in Doon, adding to the growing list of individuals detained in connection with recent events.

Irish Independent – Friday 12 May 1916