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Limerick Corporation Commends Mayor's Handling of Rebellion Crisis |

Limerick Corporation Commends Mayor’s Handling of Rebellion Crisis

In a meeting held by the Limerick Corporation on Thursday night, Alderman McNeice moved a resolution expressing gratitude on behalf of all classes of citizens towards Mayor Mr B. Quin, J.P., D.L., for his efforts in maintaining peace, order, and safety within the city during the recent tumultuous times. The resolution, which was seconded by a councillor, received unanimous support from the Corporation.

The Mayor, who chaired the meeting, was commended for his adept handling of a situation fraught with danger for Limerick. The community extended its deepest thanks to him for his leadership during the crisis.

In addition to this, a resolution was passed approving of a letter sent by the Most Rev. Dr [Name] in response to a communication from General Sir J. G. Maxwell, who was commanding the forces in Ireland at the time. However, it’s noted that the Mayor dissented from this particular resolution.

The meeting highlighted the importance of unity and cooperation in times of difficulty, and it underscored the appreciation for the Mayor’s dedication to maintaining the welfare of the city and its residents.

This recognition comes amidst a period of uncertainty and unrest, where Limerick, like many other parts of Ireland, has experienced its share of challenges and tensions.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 03 June 1916

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