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Tragic Drowning Incidents Near Limerick |

Tragic Drowning Incidents Near Limerick

Two separate drowning accidents have cast a pall over the community near Limerick, with the loss of young lives leaving families and friends in mourning.

In a distressing incident on Sunday, a promising young man named Christopher Flynn, a native of Limerick, met a tragic fate while bathing in the Bum Alley. Despite efforts to rescue him, Flynn, who was unable to swim, found himself beyond his depth and succumbed to the waters.

Adding to the sorrow, another young man, Michael K. Carney from Mitchelstown, who had been diligently serving at the Limerick Post Office for the past twelve months, met a similar fate. Carney was enjoying an evening swim in the waters of the Shannon at the Clare side of the river in the Parteen district when tragedy struck. Like Flynn, Carney found himself unable to swim and was overwhelmed by the river’s depths before help could reach him.

The community is reeling from the loss of these two bright young individuals, their untimely deaths serving as stark reminders of the dangers posed by waterways, especially for those who lack swimming proficiency.

Local authorities have expressed their condolences to the families affected by these heartbreaking incidents and have reiterated the importance of water safety measures. They urge residents, especially during the warmer months when recreational activities near water bodies increase, to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines.

Efforts are underway to provide support to the grieving families as they navigate this difficult period. Funeral arrangements are being made to honour the lives of Christopher Flynn and Michael K. Carney, both of whom will be deeply missed by their loved ones and the wider community.

As the community mourns these losses, there is a collective reflection on the fragility of life and the need for vigilance when engaging in water-related activities. Tragic incidents such as these serve as poignant reminders to cherish every moment and to prioritise safety above all else, particularly in the vicinity of Limerick’s waterways.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 25 July 1916

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