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Concerns Raised Over Mixed Bathing Practice in Limerick |

Concerns Raised Over Mixed Bathing Practice in Limerick

LIMERICK – The issue of mixed bathing has sparked discussions at a recent session of the Urban Council, with concerns raised by various members regarding the practice’s moral and societal implications.

The caretaker of the Strand brought attention to the existence of mixed bathing to some extent, prompting immediate action from the council to address the matter. Councillor Doyle proposed the rejection of any applications related to mixed bathing, invoking historical references to underscore the gravity of the situation, citing the biblical example of King David’s downfall due to a similar incident.

Amidst the deliberations, expressions of discontentment were voiced by prominent figures within the community. Mr K. Carey, the chairman, and Mr Rev. D. H., J.P., highlighted the protests received against the practice, indicating a broad-based opposition from various quarters. Monsignor Keller, P.P., conveyed the priests’ stance against mixed bathing, underscoring the moral concerns associated with it.

The most notable intervention came from Rev. D. Shanahan, P.P., St. Mary’s, Limerick, who relayed the sentiments expressed by the Bishop of Limerick regarding the issue. In a letter addressed to Monsignor Keller, Rev. Shanahan conveyed the Bishop’s profound dismay and indignation at the prevalence of mixed bathing, labelling it as indecent and immoral. The Bishop lamented the apparent tolerance of Catholic parents towards such practices, emphasizing the need to uphold the principles of their faith and adhere to traditional customs.

Rev. Shanahan’s letter serves as a poignant reminder of the broader societal and ethical considerations surrounding the practice of mixed bathing. While the issue continues to be debated within the Urban Council, the sentiments expressed by religious leaders like the Bishop of Limerick underscore the importance of upholding moral standards and preserving cultural values within the community.

As discussions progress, it remains to be seen how the council will address the concerns raised and whether measures will be implemented to regulate or prohibit mixed bathing in Limerick, aligning with the principles advocated by religious leaders and community members alike.

Irish Independent – Monday 14 August 1916

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