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Inquest Unveils Mystery Behind Constable's Tragic Death |

Inquest Unveils Mystery Behind Constable’s Tragic Death

An inquest convened at Hospital, County Limerick, on Tuesday afternoon to investigate the untimely demise of Constable James Fox, whose lifeless body was discovered submerged in the Comogue, a small stream situated midway between Emly and Hospital.

The evidence presented during the proceedings shed light on the circumstances leading to Constable Fox’s tragic end. Aged 48 and hailing from County Roscommon, the deceased had been undergoing medical treatment for a period preceding the incident. He departed from his residence on Thursday evening, seemingly embarking on a solitary journey along the Emly road.

Witness accounts provided a perplexing glimpse into Constable Fox’s final moments. Mary Molloy of Ballyniyep recounted an encounter with the deceased, wherein he traversed through fields, carrying his coat and inquiring about a plain-clothes cap. He notably cautioned Molloy not to disclose his whereabouts to any law enforcement personnel.

The Emly police stumbled upon Constable Fox’s lifeless form on Monday, lying facedown in the shallow waters of the Comogue stream, which measured a mere ten inches in depth at the location of discovery. It is surmised that he had wandered aimlessly through the fields during the night, ultimately meeting his demise after stumbling and succumbing to the waters.

Dr Cleary of Hospital, who had attended to Constable Fox prior to his departure, attested to the deceased’s delirious state on the morning of his final outing, adding a poignant layer to the narrative surrounding his tragic end.

Following deliberation, the coroner, and jury returned a verdict of “Found drowned,” extending their heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved wife of the deceased. Constable Fox’s passing stands as a sombre reminder of life’s fragile nature and the unforeseeable twists that can lead to untimely tragedy.

Constabulary Gazette (Dublin) – Saturday 23 September 1916

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